The population of critically endangered North Atlantic right whales continued to decline in 2021, according to the latest estimate that puts the surviving population at 340. (CBC) 

发表: 25 10月 2022

Expert: Hydro-Quebec seals $2 billion deal to buy New England power firm

Canada’s Hydro-Quebec agreed to buy Great River Hydro LLC and its 13 hydroelectric generating stations in a $2 billion deal, expanding its footprint in the northeastern US where it’s been supplying electricity for decades. (彭博社) 

发表: 12 10月 2022


François Legault has been elected for a second mandate as Quebec premier with a majority government. 在他的竞选总部向支持者发表讲话, Legault told a large crowd that some of his key priorities will be the economy and tackling inflation. (CTV新闻). 

发表: 7 10月 2022


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发表: 28 9月 2022


The World Alzheimer Report 2022 – Life after diagnosis: Navigating treatment, 关心和支持, 由newbb体育的专家共同撰写, focuses on the urgent need for significant improvements to essential post-diagnosis treatment, 关心和支持 services for the over 55 million people living with dementia across the globe and robust plans to support the forecast 139 million people by 2050.

发表: 21 9月 2022


Queen Elizabeth, Canada's head of state and the longest-reigning British monarch, has died. 伊丽莎白于1952年成为女王, 在相对稚嫩的25岁, 并主持国家和英联邦, 包括加拿大, 了七年. Those 70 years as monarch were recognized during this year's Platinum Jubilee events, 六月初在伦敦达到高潮. (CBC新闻)

发表: 8 9月 2022


折扣百货公司Zellers希望明年卷土重来, 十年前,这家加拿大连锁店关闭了大部分门店. 哈德逊湾公司. says Zellers will debut a new e-commerce website and expand its brick-and-mortar footprint within select Hudson's Bay department stores across the country in early 2023.

发表: 18 8月 2022

Expert: Pope Francis apologizes for forced assimilation of Indigenous children at residential schools 

The first day of Pope Francis's "penitential pilgrimage" began with a heartfelt apology delivered at the site of one of Canada's largest residential schools and ended with blessings and songs at an intimate service in the only designated Indigenous church in Canada. 在阿尔伯塔省中部第一民族社区的一个上午活动中, Pope Francis apologized for members of the Catholic Church who co-operated with Canada's "devastating" policy of Indigenous residential schools.

发表: 27 7月 2022


周二,新冠病毒强制随机检测恢复, 7月y 19 for vaccinated travellers coming into Canada through four major airports. 对在多伦多降落的部分乘客进行的测试, 温哥华, 卡尔加里和newbb体育官方网站将在机场外完工, either through an in-person appointment or a virtual appointment for a self-swab test.

发表: 19 7月 2022


Sri Lanka's acting president on Monday declared a state of emergency giving him broad authority amid growing protests demanding his resignation two days before the country's lawmakers are set to elect a new president. Ranil Wickremesinghe became acting president on Friday after his predecessor, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, fled abroad and resigned after monthslong mass protests over the country's economic collapse.

发表: 18 7月 2022

Experts: Abortion banned in multiple US states just hours after Roe v Wade overturned

6月下旬,堕胎在美国多个州已经是非法的, 在罗伊诉韦德案被推翻的几个小时内就出台了禁令, 城市爆发了对这一里程碑式裁决的抗议. It came after the US supreme court abolished the constitutional right to abortion, 在它成立50多年后, 让各个州自行决定. It is ultimately expected to lead to abortion bans in about half of the states.

发表: 28 小君 2022

Expert: Canadians seeking closure are finally holding funerals delayed by COVID-19

The mandates may be lifted, but COVID-19 continues to shape how families across Canada mourn. Funeral directors say the COVID-19 pandemic has so altered what it means to mourn that it might be a while before there is any community consensus of how and when to have a funeral. 虽然许多家庭认为现在是哀悼的时候了, 另一些人则觉得时间已经过去太多了, 他们也不再计划举行葬礼了.

发表: 22 小君 2022


While the air transport industry welcomed news that millions of unvaccinated Canadians will soon be allowed to fly, experts and unions said a new influx of travellers could worsen the ongoing delays at airports across the country. The government announced that starting 小君e 20 proof of vaccination will not be required to board a train or a plane in Canada. 截至5月22日, just over 18 per cent of Canadians — almost seven million people — did not have at least two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

发表: 16 小君 2022

Expert: Leftist former guerrilla and populist outsider head to runoff in Colombia presidential election

Colombia’s election will go to a runoff between two opposing anti-establishment candidates on 19 小君e after voters on Sunday were unable to pick a president outright. 古斯塔沃, 左翼前游击队员,曾任Bogotá市长, 赢得了最多选票, 有40%的人, but fell short of the 50% required to win outright and prevent a second round.

发表: 8 小君 2022


安大略的“断网权”法律听起来是个好主意, experts say it’s important to observe the impact of the practice on the well-being of employees and its practical application in the workplace before considering a pan-Canada approach. (全球新闻)

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发表: 6 小君 2022